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Your Personal Wing - Woman

With ten years of experience in helping people connect,

think of me as your personal wing-woman that helps you untangle

your love knots and show you

that YES, the love life you want exists!


Online Coaching


In Person Coaching

Online Dating Help

I'll guide you to:

- Step into a place of authentic confidence

so we discover why you’re struggling to live your best love life.

- Understand the love quadrants that create a successful relationship:

Timing, Chemistry, Dialogue and Harmony.


- If you’re single, help you make peace with past relationships

that will help you move through the process, and excitement, of finding a new partner.


- If you’re in a relationship, I use Gottman Method techniques and more

to walk you through maintaining a healthy relationship and any recovery process required.

- Reveal the type of relationship you want

by recognizing patterns, your life goals and understanding what intimacy means to you.

- Learn to recognize the signs

of what a healthy relationship looks like.

- Set your personal boundaries

to ensure that you are living the life you want,

not what someone else thinks you should.

- Kick self-doubt to the curb

to reveal the confident, wonderful,

sexy, empowered person that you are.


And much more!

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