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Group events are always a hit even when we’re talking about relationship coaching. Being a seasoned event coordinator as well as relationship coach, my events can easily come to you and my promise is that you’ll find my events engaging, fun and informative!

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At the office

Putting our work lives and home lives into two separate boxes with the intention of them never mixing is impossible. Added to that, given that we often spend more time with our co-workers than our partners, it’s not uncommon for them to lean on each other for relationship advice. While I’m sure this isn’t news to you, did you also know that statistics show that a successful career often parallels a high risk love life?

This is precisely why relationship education in the workplace has become a popular EAP. Demonstrating that you care about their success is simply good business and shows you are a forward-thinking organization. It results in staff that invest more of themselves at work, telling others what a great company you are to work for, all of which impacts employee retention and your bottom line. In the good way.

Through my relationship workshop that bursts people out of their comfort zone and offers easy to apply relationship techniques, they’ll walk away better equipped to handle all of the above and knowing they are the only ones standing in the way of life being the success they want to be.

These events are typically 2-3 hours long and for a minimum of 5 people.

Individual coaching for employees is also offered at preferred rates.



Gather a group and enjoy a private event at my office which is based in the historic Winterholme Wellness Centre & Spa! Located in downtown St. John’s, event size will be maximum 20 people.

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