Terms Of Service & Privacy


The Site is an e-commerce website which offers relationship coaching in various forms as well as physical and digital products related to the field of love.

Any and all visitors to our site, whether they purchase a product or not, must be considered an adult within the province/state they live in.


Important To Note

Tara is not a licensed therapist and as such, cannot and will not offer any mental/medical support that individuals and/or couples working with her may require from trained professionals.  If she feels this is the type of support required, she will work with the person/s to find the appropriate professional to assist.  As such, no claims can legally be made that she can offer this level of support and it is the person's/couple's responsibility to avail of her coaching services appropriately.

When ordering physical product from www.lovediva.ca

The purchaser is responsible for providing accurate information and updating it should it change.  For example, if your mailing address changes and you do not update your account on www.lovediva.ca, and as a result your product is returned, it will not be shipped back to you free of charge.

Furthermore, the users of the product/s are responsible for using/consuming the items sent appropriately.  Some boxes included food and scented items, and anyone affiliated with www.lovediva.ca, including its third party product provider will not take responsibility for any  damage caused by anything we provide.  The same applies to products sent that come with specific instructions for use.  It is the consumers responsibility to follow the directions provided.

When ordering digital products from www.lovediva.ca

The purchaser is responsible for providing accurate information and updating it should it change.  For example, if you have enrolled in an online course and your e-mail address changes, it is your responsibility to advise us of the e-mail change so the digital information we send reaches you.

As well, it is understood that all digital products purchased on www.lovediva.ca are for personal use only and not for re-sale or distribution of any kind.  If it is discovered this has happened, the person/s responsible will be banned from www.lovediva.ca and legal repercussions may apply.

When becoming a customer and/or subscribing to any products offered by www.lovediva.ca you are consenting to receiving e-mail updates, regular mail and any other reasonable means in which you can be contacted regarding the services offered on www.lovediva.ca.  If you wish to stop receiving any information, it is your responsibility to inform.

Privacy/Proprietary Rights/Affiliates

Privacy:  The information you provide us is not provided to any other individuals/companies.  Your permission will always be required before any sharing happens with partners of www.lovediva.ca

Propriety:  Contents/products found on www.lovediva.ca are the sole property of its site owner.  We take pride in our ideas, work hard to bring them to the public and unauthorized impersonation/content distribution of any kind could result in legal action.

Affiliates:   Links to other websites and/or resources will be provided on www.lovediva.ca in some instances.  Prior to visiting these links, the user acknowledges and agrees that the owner of www.lovediva.ca is not  responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss which may be a result of connecting with these websites and persons affiliated.