Baseline And Beyond

I have clients who have gone to therapy and then come to me. And I've become very interested in this. How are therapy and coaching different? From reading and thinking about my clients' experiences, I've come up with a few ideas though probably not definite conclusions.

It seems that a lot of people go to therapy in the midst of problems they can't seem to solve otherwise. They want to figure out what's wrong with their lives. And whether it's for a short or a long period, therapy often helps. For my clients, therapy has often gotten them to a baseline. They understand issues that keep coming up again and again, repeated patterns and how the past has shaped them. Therapy can be very helpful in getting to this understanding. Some people are saved by it, literally.

But what then?

Because, let's face it, the baseline is not enough.

As humans, we crave more. We want to be loved, connected. We want to feel beautiful and sexy enough to claim the relationship we want. Deep cravings. But a lot of women are not going to tell their therapists that. Would you?

Still, we know that happy relationships are a huge part of mental health. Deep connections have even been shown to contribute to longer--and happier--lives. I think that clients who come to me after therapy know this.

That's where coaching comes in. You want to get way beyond that baseline. You want fire and passion. You want the best sex you've ever had. You want that sense of knowing that you can experience all this with someone you can trust. Someone who totally gets you. I hear you. I've been there, and I'm now in a great relationship. And I know you can have it too.

It seems to me that therapy helps us understand the past. Believe me, without some truly awful experiences, I wouldn't be doing this today. We can't afford to let the past shape the future. That is simply giving too much power to bad experiences and the people we were in those relationships with.

So, think about it. Whatever the past, are you ready for a different future?

Are you ready for that great relationship?

As your Love Diva, I'm all about that future.

Are you ready to go after what you truly want?

Are you ready to show up for yourself? Because if you are, love will show up for you.

Get in touch to see how I may be able to help you design that love life you want.

Much love,