Politics Outruns Sex

Women, especially millennials, would rather date someone who shares their political beliefs than have "good" sex.

Read that again, let it sink in and ask yourself if you're that kind of person. This stat comes from OKCupid, who interviewed women in 20 of the top American cities and my first thought is that I hope Canada would yield opposite results.

THAT SAID...having long since won the t-shirt as someone who hosts speed-dating events, I can tell you FOR CERTAIN that politics matter in relationships. You'd be surprised at how often the speed daters ask their opinions on the matter - or at least I was.

So, it's safe to say that if you're in a relationship of any kind, and Canadian, discussions about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's party receiving a second term are happening. Full disclosure: I'm not somebody who follows politics regularly, with the exception of noting how a costume party back in his day might shape how October 21st rolls out.

Just kidding. I do know a bit more than that!

Earlier this week, I was flying WestJet from Vancouver to Calgary, and I decided to read their in-flight magazine. Much to my delight, they had interviewed It's Just Lunch staff about politics and I'd like to share their stats with you - oh, and if you didn't know, It's Just Lunch is a matchmaking service. But that's another story and let's move along to the stats...

- 52% of people feel their relationship wouldn't work out long term if their political beliefs are different.

Talking politics on a first date:

- 15% say it's taboo

- 15% say it's boring

- 41% say it's risky

- 29% say it's perfectly fine

And 33% of those interviewed have experienced a “ruined date” because of a date’s political opinions and of that 33%, 18% would not give their date a second chance.

These stats aren't hard and fast rules, but they are an interesting sign of the times. What I do know, though, is that an engaging conversation on a first date, or any date for that matter, is a smart move. Basically, being upfront about politics in-person and/or in your online dating profile can prevent you from wasting time if it's a hot button issue for you. After all, we wouldn't want any teary breakups once you discover how your date voted, right?!

So, question of the day:

What’s more important in your intimate relationships: great sex or similar political views?

Thanks for reading along and here's to your love life (especially sex life) not being ruined by politics!

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