Online Dating: Success Awaits!

Yes, online dating can work, so before throwing your hands in the air to declare online dating doesn’t work for and it’s just full of idiots, take a deep breath. After all, you have a profile and you’re a good catch, right?

Like most things, there are tricks to success and it takes practice.

So, if you’re going to embrace online dating, take it seriously however, please don’t become all consumed with it. The first thing you need to ask yourself is why are you dating online. Are you open to a serious relationship? Are you looking for something purely sexual? There are multiple reasons to turn to online dating and you should ensure you know what you’re interested in so you aren’t wasting anyones time including yours.

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to write your profile. Daunting can be one word to describe this. You’re one of countless other people online dating and your star qualities must JUMP through the computer screen! So, how can you sound captivating enough that someone can’t help but read your profile and contact you?

Here are some tips:

~ Don’t post a selfie or a picture with your ex cropped out. I've seen this more times than I can count.

~ Avoid selfies altogether because they don't proportion your face properly.

~ Watch for spelling mistakes. Periods really do belong in between each sentence.

~ If someone introduces themselves with a single of line of ‘Hey, how r u?’ pr ' Hey, r u are cute', ask yourself if you’re worth more than a generic opening line. Of course you are!

People sense when you’ve taken the time to write a good, thoughtful profile.

Right away they think you use online dating for the right reasons which makes it more comfortable for them to contact you. It can be hard to sum ourselves up in a paragraph or two, however to receive e-mails from the type of people you want, you need to give it your best. You could even ask a friend (or someone such as myself) to read your profile and decide if they think it accurately describes you.

Now, what about using paid sites vs. free sites? People willing to pay are very likely taking dating seriously vs. looking for a hook-up. That said, in my previous life as an online dater, I did see some of the same people on the paid sites and free sites. So, my suggestion is to join multiple sites until you get a feel for it.

Quick summary: There are success stories as well as horror stories from online dating. However, the same can be said for meeting someone in any other setting. Just because a friend introduces you to someone doesn’t mean all will run smoothly. So, I suggest putting yourself out there in any way you can, even if it pushes your comfort zone. The best experiences often lay outside our comfort zones so promise me (and yourself) that you won’t hide behind a computer screen!

Need help writing your profile? Send me an e-mail or book your free call and I’d be happy to help!

Happy dating,