Ready to live your best love life?

YOU are the only one standing in the way of living your BEST love life!  We're under the impression that if we love someone, it should simply work and that's not the fairytale world we live in.  There are, at minimum, three forms of intimacy that must be in sync to achieve a truly successful relationship:  Emotional, intellectual and sexual.  To enjoy intimacy, and therefore a successful relationship, with another person, you must:

~ Have a relationship vision

~ Understand what intimacy means to you, both between & outside of your bedroom sheets.

~ Feel confident with yourself and the power within you.

~ Be able to communicate that and more to your partner/future partner.  

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Online Sessions

After the first complimentary session, price will be set on a sliding scale.


Encouraging people to think more deeply about what sex, love, and relationships means to them is what I do.  These are things many people feel uncomfortable delving into but are essential so think of me as your intimate confidante (like a hairdresser or bartender but more serious!) that ensures you begin the exploration of a love-filled, sex positive life on the right foot with confidence and a personalized plan because no two people or relationships are alike.  

Relationships are an ever-changing journey so, while it may seem weird to talk to a stranger about such things, if you aren't sure where to start on such an important journey, why wouldn't you?  You spend untold amounts of time and money on material things such as maintaining your vehicle and since your love life should be one of your top priorities, does it not make sense to invest your energy into maintaining it as well?


In Person Sessions:  Available in St. John's, Newfoundland only.

Your R.E.A.L-ationship event was amazing - where have you been?!
— Tracey H., Event Attendee
Thank you for giving me the confidence to open up to my wife about my desires, Tara. I wanted an open relationship, assumed she would leave me if I brought it up and now our love life is better than ever! If anything, it has made our relationship stronger.
— Anonymous Client; Toronto


Why Delay Love?

How badly do you want it?  If you've spent time on my website then it must mean you have something on your mind and I'd love to hear it and help where I can!  I'm an e-mail away. 

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Note:  Coaching is known to be an excellent alternative to couples therapy however please keep in mind that it's no substitute for any assistance someone and/or a couple may require from professionals such as trained psychologists.  If I feel this is the type of professional you should be speaking with, you can trust that I will discuss that with you as my only goal is to help you!