What Is Love & Intimacy Coaching?

'Love' - strong affection felt by people in a romantic relationship.

‘Intimacy’ – an emotional, intellectual and sexual relationship with someone.

‘Coaching’ – leading the recipient to discover their own answers and experiences.

We're under the impression that if we love someone, it should simply work and that's not the fairytale world we live in.  And let's not confuse the word 'intimate' with 'sex'.  There are, at minimum, three forms of intimacy that must be in sync to achieve a truly successful relationship:  Emotional, intellectual and sexual.  To enjoy intimacy with another person, you must first understand what it means to you (both between & outside of your bedroom sheets) followed by learning how to communicate it to your partner/future partner.  Without this communication, what I call an intimate void opens wide.  Of course communicating can be harder than it sounds - a pull your hair out kind of feeling - and that is just one thing a Love & Intimacy Coach can help you with.  Because remember:  Your partner can't read your mind!


Intimate Void

(Your Love Diva's Def.) =  Lack of intimacy in a romantic relationship which is a result of not understanding and fulfilling each others emotional, intellectual and sexual intimacy needs.



During June

You may qualify for FREE relationship coaching!  

Since this website is brand new, I'm celebrating by offering a select group of individuals and couples a chance to enjoy the benefits of working with a love and intimacy coach FREE FOR ONE MONTH.  

Are you intrigued?  Seats are limited so please submit the form below telling me all about the type of coaching you'd like to partake in and why.  I promise to get back to you ASAP!

Love is a paint palette and only you can choose the colours you paint your love life with.
— Your Love Diva, Tara

Encouraging people to think more deeply about what sex, love, and relationships means to them is what I do.  And these are things many people feel uncomfortable delving into but are essential.  Topics can include and are not limited to:

- Types of intimacy, healthy communication, relationship skills, dating skills, self-esteem, body image, self pleasure, relationship types, conflict resolution, desires and much more!

A Love & Intimacy Coach is an intimate confidante that ensures you begin the exploration of a love-filled, sex positive life on the right foot with confidence and a personalized plan because no two people or relationships are alike.  

Intimacy is an ever-changing journey so, while it may seem weird to talk to a stranger about such things, if you aren't sure where to start on your journey, why wouldn't you?  You spend untold amounts of time and money on material things such as maintaining your vehicle and since your love life should be one of your top priorities, does it not make sense to invest your energy into maintaining it as well?

One-On-One Coaching

Sometimes it's all about you!

Even if you're in a relationship, sometimes the best way to get your feet wet with coaching is via individual sessions.  And if you're single, this type of coaching can help you prepare for future relationship/s.  We all have patterns and fears that hold us back and until we recognize them, it hinders our ability to offer our best selves to others.  So, if you're ready to do something that's all about you, this is the coaching for you!

Couples Coaching

Are you both ready?

Couples coaching is a powerful way to explore the intimacy, or lack thereof, in your relationship.  My mission is to help you reach new goals as a couple and sometimes you need help defining and meeting those goals.  Before we begin, I will communicate with each of you individually so we can have private discussions about what you hope to get out of coaching and moving forward, all sessions will include the three of us with a strategy plan designed specifically for you.

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There is no one-size fits all relationship model and as such, supporting individuals and couples that enjoy various forms of non-traditional relationships such as open marriage, polyamory and other forms of relationship anarchy is something I have experience with.  Many relationships are saved by opening up so I assure you that any curiosity you may have around discovering other relationship lifestyles is natural and I am happy to discuss how to structure your relationship(s) in a way that feels authentic.  Since no two relationships are the same, that means the rules are yours to set!




Thank you for giving me the confidence to open up to my wife about my desires, Tara. I wanted an open relationship, assumed she would leave me if I brought it up and now our love life is better than ever! If anything, it has made our relationship stronger.
— Anonymous Client; Toronto


Online Sessions

After the first complimentary month, you can decide how many more session you would like going forward and price will be set on a sliding scale.

All sessions take place online via Skype, FaceTime or over the phone.  In some instances, there will be projects you work on together that will be sent via e-mail. 

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Note:  Coaching is known to be an excellent alternative to couples therapy however please keep in mind that it's no substitute for any assistance someone and/or a couple may require from professionals such as trained psychologists.  If I feel this is the type of professional you should be speaking with, you can trust that I will discuss that with you as my only goal is to help you!