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About Me

I didn't choose this path - it chose me.  Nearly ten years ago I was like thousands of other women:  Single and spending too much time swiping through online dating websites.  The city I live in had never seen speed dating events, so the event coordinator in me (yes, I do this as well because it’s a passion!) decided to start them up to help my fellow singles.  And WOW!  What fun and success!  The nickname Love Diva was given to me and while at the time I didn't think it would I said, that was nearly ten years ago so it was meant to be!


Private matchmaking, a regular dating column and the launch of my signature line of date night boxes followed.


Relationship coaching! For both singles and couples.

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Life Experience

Up until mid-2016, I was still trying to master my own love life and failing quite miserably.  May as well be honest since I can’t ask you to be real with me if I can’t be real with you!

Very nearly at the point of accepting I was destined to never settle down, it took sitting down with a relationship coach of my own for me to get the smack out upside the head I needed to get the he** out of my own way.

Then, a funny thing happened. 

As soon as I did that, the man I'd been in love with for years re-appeared and long story short, we’re a power couple - in my humble opinion!

So, relationship lesson #1 = things don't fall into place until you're ready & it takes getting out of your own way.

Wisdom is born of experience, of which I have plenty, and I don't mind being honest about the relationship ups and downs I went through.  Combined with continual coaching training via The Gottman Institute and more, they are the most powerful tool I have to guide you towards leading what you deserve: A Romatic, Explosive & Amazing Love Life (a.k.a. a R.E.A.L-ationship) 

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Date night boxes - what are they?

They are my signature product line of date nights I mail right to your door!  Kind of like a subscription box but you can order one at a time. 

What's Inside?  Everything you need for a great date night at home!

Designed to help couples stay connected both inside and outside of the bedroom, it was born out of hearing countless people say they had a hard time coming up with fresh ideas for date nights. 

The key to a successful relationship?

To never stop dating one another!