About Me

I didn't choose this path - it chose me. Probably because the wisdom to help is born of experience.

Also, because thanks to the turmoil in my own relationships, I finally landed on a chair in front of an relationship coach. If we ever have the chance to speak, I’ll tell you the same story I told her and you’ll likely respond the same way she did: “You can’t make this sh** up and it’s a miracle you manage to trust men at all.” Very nearly accepting I was destined to never settle down, partly due to the inability to be with the love of my life, she reminded me to get out of my own way.


As soon as I got out of my own way, two things happened:

One, the love of my life re-appeared after ten years of us assuming we’d never be in a position to be together. That inability I mentioned became an ability because the timing was right. Timing + Belief = EVERYTHING and yes, it can provide you the fairytale love lifestyle you crave.

Secondly, my declining mental and physical health as a result of relationship stress bounced back so quickly that even my doctor was surprised.

So, I did what I had to do and within one month moved across the country for him because enough was enough. I wasn’t wasting another day apart from the love life I deserved. Now we’re the type of power couple that has a rocking, explosive and amazing love life with people often telling us that they want what we have.

So, do I understand the confusion, fears and desires that my clients feel? ABSOLUTELY.

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business Experience

Nearly ten years ago I was like thousands of other women:  Single and spending too much time swiping through online dating websites.  So, the event coordinator in me (another passion aside from coaching!) launched a singles event series. The city I live in had never seen such a thing, and WOW!  What fun and success! People started asking me for love advice and much to my surprise, I loved doing so and truly helped people, even inspiring some weddings! The nickname ‘Love Diva’ was given to me and while at the time I didn't think it would stick...well...like I said, that was nearly ten years ago so it was meant to be.

All of which led to:

1/ Canada’s first date night subscription box

2/ Love and dating column

3/ Private matchmaking

The above combined with personal experience and continual coaching training via well known company such as The Gottman Institute, I’m ready and able to help you lead a Rocking, Explosive & Amazing Love Life (a.k.a. R.E.A.L-ationship) 

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Date night boxes - what are they?

They are my signature product line of date nights I mail right to your door!  Kind of like a subscription box but you can order one at a time. 

What's Inside?  Everything you need for a great date night at home!

Designed to help couples stay connected both inside and outside of the bedroom, it was born out of hearing countless people say they had a hard time coming up with fresh ideas for date nights. 

The key to a successful relationship?

To never stop dating one another!