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The quality of your relationship is the greatest influence on your health and happiness. There are, at minimum, three forms of intimacy that must be in sync to achieve a truly successful relationship: Emotional, intellectual and sexual. My goal is to help you navigate what these mean to you individually and as a partnership which will then help you become crystal clear on where you are, where you want to be and how you're going to get there. Using Gottman Method Therapy alongside my other professional and personal experiences, I help you reach for and maintain a R.E.A.L.-ationship…my acronym for a Rocking, Explosive & Amazing Love Life!

Given that you spend untold amounts of time and money on things such as maintaining your vehicle and wardrobe and perhaps even thousands on a wedding, is it really such a far-fetched idea to invest your energy into maintaining it as well? Your relationship should be your top priority after all and if it’s not, then we really do need to talk!

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Tara, a.k.a. Your Love Diva


using gottman method therapy

Alongside my other professional and personal experiences provides me with practical, tried and true tools that help you learn how to make the best decisions for your relationship.

The Gottman Institute is renowned for their 40 years of breakthrough research on marriage, relationships, parenting and more including training relationship professionals.

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