Date Night Boxes

Date Mail by Your Love Diva is the brand of date night at home boxes curated and mailed right to your door!  Designed to help couples stay connected inside and outside of the bedroom, it's the only service of it's kind in Canada. With a variety of boxes to choose from which ensures there is something that suits every couple, themes always switch up to ensure fresh ideas and everything you need for a great date night is inside.  No babysitter is required (unless you want one!) and some of the boxes make great gifts for other couples!



Sexy Fun

Sex should never be a taboo subject.  It's vital to our well-being and relationships so, to help you discover new and exciting ways to enhance bedroom play (solo or with a partner), there is small yet fantastic selection of adult toys and accessories for you to browse as well. They have gone over well with previous customers, so shop with confidence in this discreet, safe environment.  The mailman/lady won't have a clue what you ordered and if they did, they'd be jealous!



Ladies Only

Self-Ish Box & the Oh My Goddess course were born when women, both single and in relationships, started asking for date night boxes that were strictly for their own solo time.   Self-love is #1  and has nothing to do with your relationship status, so both the box and online course provide fun, adventurous way for a woman to discover and enjoy her amazing-ness!

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Same-Sex Couples

A common question is if the date night boxes can be designed for same-sex couples and the answer is ALWAYS YES!  When you order, a form will appear on the screen that provides a place for you to fill out your relationship status and just the right date will be packed with love for you!