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In celebration of advice columns such as Dear Abby or Miss Manners, Your Love Diva is offering up her own version!  Whether you're love-plagued or love-inspired, I want to hear from you and will do my best to hit the mark with clever tidbits of advice.

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Dear Diva: What's the difference between a wife and a mistress? ~ Emily

Dear Emily:  Night and day.





Dear Diva:  A therapist told my husband and I that it's best to act as though our problems don't exist.  It seems she thinks that if we focus on the happier things instead of beating the negative subjects to death, things will naturally come together.  What do you think?  ~ Sam

Dear Sam:  What's your therapist's number?  Because I'd like permission to pretend my own problems don't exist! Seriously though, I'm not a trained therapist so perhaps clarify what she means because I can't see how purposely choosing to not communicate is going to solve a thing.  You don't need to be trained in anything but common sense to know that communication is EVERYTHING in any relationship.  All couples argue but it's HOW you argue that makes a difference.  If you need to talk about something, it's your partners job to listen.  End of. 













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