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only you stand in the way

Of having a R.E.A.L.-ationship


We're under the impression that if we love someone, it should simply work and that's not the fairytale world we live in. Instead, we live within a busy society with responsibilities and expectations weighing us down and somehow we also have to figure out the ups & downs of love. Frankly, it can be a whirlwind and you wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t already realize that.

There are, at minimum, three forms of intimacy that must be in sync to achieve a truly successful relationship: Emotional, intellectual and sexual. To enjoy intimacy, and therefore a successful relationship with another person, you need to be crystal clear on where you are, where you want to be and how you're going to get there.


Start with a COMPLIMENTARY session & the belief that you deserve to live your best love life!

Relationships are an ever-changing journey so, while it may seem weird to talk to a stranger about such things, if you aren't sure where to start on such an important journey, why wouldn't you? You spend untold amounts of time and money on things such as maintaining your vehicle and wardrobe and since your love life should be one of your top priorities, is it really such a far-fetched idea to invest your energy into maintaining it as well?

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Using Gottman Method Therapy in my practice alongside my other professional and personal experiences provides me with practical, tried and true tools that help you learn how to make the best decisions for your relationship.

The Gottman Institute is renowned for their 40 years of breakthrough research on marriage, relationships, parenting and more including training relationship professionals.

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