Your Love Diva

Ready for a R.E.A.L-ationship?

I'm Tara:  Your R.E.A.L-ationship Guide + Date Night Box Designer

Tara has a knack for knowing what couples want. She’s bringing sexy back!
— Lisa J.,
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REAL: My acronym for 'Rocking, Explosive & Amazing Love Life' which is what I'm here to help you achieve!

Your relationship =  What happens between the sheets and what happens outside the sheets. Both are just as important to nourish and my goal is to help you become crystal clear on where your relationship currently is, where you want it to be and how you're going to get it there. My coaching style helps you reveal just that plus my signature line of date night products are something no other relationship coach, guide or therapist offers!

Love is beautifully complicated but we can work together to make it a little less complicated. Think of me as the hairdresser or bartender you spill your thoughts to but truly listens and delivers actual results!

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Are You...

  • Struggling to keep the romance alive?
  • Needing to better communicate?
  • Feeling that your emotional, intellectual and/or sexual intimate needs aren't being met?
  • Single and feeling stuck?

You're not alone in feeling the above at some point in your love life.  This is where I step in to help you create your R.E.A.L.-ationship Vision. Working one-on-one, I'll champion you through the process of visualizing how you will achieve what you deserve: A Rocking, Explosive & Amazing Love Life!


Tara The Love Diva

The journey to help others with their relationships chose me, not the other way around.  What started as a fun project ten years ago of hosting singles events led to a popular dating advice column, private matchmaking, coaching, a signature line of date night boxes and public speaking events.  And the name Love Diva?  Someone gave the name to me, I never thought it would stick however all these years later, people still insist on calling me that and I'm honoured because I love  inspiring others to love the way they're meant to love. I also own up to the fact that I needed my own relationship coach once upon a time.  Making that investment was one of the best things I've done and gifts me with the confidence to step up and help you in a similar way because everyone needs a coach sometimes.  I've earned the right to say: "Yes, relationships are hard and it's ok to feel the way you do!"

I offer solutions not just advice. 


The Gottman Institute

As an approved clinician for the Gottman Relationship Checkup, their 40 years of relationship assessment research will help us measure the very specific strengths and challenges you face in your relationship.  

Through industry leaders such as The Gottman Institute, I am continually researching and learning so I am empowered to do what I know best:  Helping people lead Rocking, Explosive & Amazing Love Lives!

Interested in taking the checkup?  Ask me how at