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Ready for a R.E.A.L-ationship Rescue?

I'm Tara:  Your Love & Intimacy Guide + Date Night Box Designer

Tara has a knack for knowing what couples want. She’s bringing sexy back!
— Lisa J.,
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Rocking, Explosive and Amazing Love Life.  My coaching style reveals your ability to lead what I call a 'R.E.A.L.-ationship' because that's what you deserve!  Love & intimacy are categorized two ways:  What happens between the sheets and what happens outside the sheets. Even if you don't have relationship problems now, if you aren't moving forward together, you are by contrast moving backwards and problems may arise later.  Therefore, it's important to get ahead of it and understand your emotional, intellectual and sexual intimacy needs, ways they change with time and how to communicate them to your partner.  Fairytales say love is easy.  It isn't.  Love is actually beautifully complicated!


Why Trust Me?

Well, I can't think of another guide, coach or therapist that also designs their own date night subscription box!  The stories I hear from my clients provide me with the unique perspective of how couples so often lack connection and how they can work towards changing that. Plus, I've created countless singles events which continually shows me how the struggle to find love is Universal.  I'll also own up to the fact that I needed my own relationship coach once upon a time.  Making that investment was one of the best things I've done and gifts me with the confidence to step up and help you in a similar way.  I've earned the right to say things such as "Yes, relationships are hard, it's ok to feel the way you do."

I offer solutions not just advice. 

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Boxes Of Happiness

Imagine a date night mailed right to your door!  The Diva's Boutique features the Date Mail signature line of date night at home boxes that are designed to help couples stay connected in meaningful, romantic ways with a variety of themes to choose from!  Stop thinking inside the box and get ready for an outside the box experience!


Ready for a R.E.A.L.-ationship?

(Rocking, Explosive & Amazing Love Life!)

Think of me as the hairdresser/bartender/taxi driver you spill your stories to but instead I truly listen and offer advice based on both personal and professional experience.  I'm Tara, a.k.a. Your Love Diva and I'm here to be the intimate confidante that listens to your romantic challenges, especially the confessions you feel you can't share with anyone else (we all have those!)  If you're ready to get back on track to living the love life you deserve, you're in the right place and if all you want are some great date night ideas, you're still in the right place!  Just head into the Diva's Boutique.

Be honest:

  • Are you struggling to keep the romance alive?
  • Would you like fresh date night ideas to break the routine?
  • Would you like to learn how to better communicate?
  • Do you need help discovering what intimacy means to you?
  • Does it feel like your emotional, intellectual and/or sexual intimate needs aren't being met and you just don't know how to fix it?

All of us have felt some version of the above so you are NOT alone.

I show you that you are the only one standing in the way of living an enlightened relationship.  I sell intimacy - no, not sex - but the tools that ensure you understand what intimacy means to you and in turn, your partner.  This, plus my signature line of date night at home boxes guarantees I can help you live your best love life and enjoy what you deserve: A R.E.A.L.-ationship! (ROCKING, EXPLOSIVE & AMAZING LOVE LIFE)