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When you break your arm, you go to the doctor. So, when your love life is broken (or bruised) it makes sense to reach out to a relationship coach. Living your best love life is an essential part of your mental health and my goal is simple: To help you lead what I call a R.E.A.L-ationship which is my acronym for the art of living a Rocking, Explosive & Amazing Love Life. We’re in a busy society with responsibilities and expectations weighing us down and somehow we also have to figure out how to weave the ups & downs of love into our daily lives. Like parenting, love doesn’t come with an instruction manual and that’s where I step in.

If a R.E.A.L.-ationship is what you’re ready for, together we’ll get you crystal clear on where your love life is, where you want it to be and how the heck you're going to get it there.


Plus, my signature line of date night products are something no other relationship coaching professional offers!

Ready to think about your love life differently?


Tara, a.k.a. Your Love Diva